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Investing In Bullion is a Toronto based E-Commerce company that specializes in selling .999 silver bullion and collector coins. We are targeting individual investors and collectors who would like to take advantage of the significant opportunity in precious metals. You, as a consumer, do not need large sums of money to reap the rewards associated with investing in this niche market. Most online precious metals dealers have minimum purchase order requirements (i.e., anywhere between $250.00 - $2,500.00). Investing In Bullion does not have such a policy. Our customers enjoy the liberty of purchasing only one coin, if they so choose. We understand the value of investing in precious metals and are fully committed to helping consumers with their bullion and coin collecting needs.

Of paramount importance to Investing In Bullion is the value of integrity. We believe that all consumers should be very well informed about any product they purchase. In our case, we are always open to sharing information about all of our products (i.e., condition, purity, weight, dimensions, manufacturers, country of origin, etc...), should our customers desire that detailed knowledge. We assure the quality of our products by only selling items that are made by official government mints. All of our bullion items (and collector items) are legal tender and are guaranteed for their purity and weight from the respective government mint. Going a step further, Investing In Bullion always stands behind their product by offering a full "money back guarantee" (see FAQ's for details).

Thank you for considering Investing In Bullion!

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